Summary of Practical Experience: Biochemistry, yeast physiology and genetics, bacterial genetics, bacterial physiology and biochemistry, process development and optimization of aerobic fermentation processes (poly-ß-hydroxy acids,D-(-)-3-hydroxy butyric acid), development of a biological indicator system for characterization of a definite oxygen supply in industrial aerobic processes, Alcaligenes ssp.(actually Ralstonia eutropha, alias R. metallidurans), Aspergillus ssp., Bacillus sp., Brevibacterium ssp., Enterobacter sp., E. coli, Lactobacillus  ssp., Monascus ssp., Paracoccus sp., Penicillium ssp., Pseudomonas ssp., Ralstonia (see for Alcaligenes), Rhizopus ssp., Saccharomyces ssp. other yeasts as well as lactic acid bacteria, several patent applications.


Process and product development/optimization up to a production scale, production hygienics. Food fermentations: miso, shoyu, tempeh, tapé ketan, natto, sauerkraut, sour dough, yoghurt, koumiss, kwass, Yeast extract high in Inosin/Guanosin-5'-monophosphates. Environmental pollution, biofilter devices. 


Consulting companies in membrane technology, biotechnology, food technology, medical applications, GMP, process development, in planning and installation of production facilities according to the GMP rules. GMP approval by government. Market opportunity studies on production/application of membranes / membrane devices as well as solid state fermentations. Awards for public authorities




























S. cerevisiae, Zygote
Aspergillus ochraceus
Aspergillus oryzae
Rhizopus oligosporus